Addendum to the resume' of TERRY SNELLER

My B.C. (Before Computer) Years

(in reverse chronological order)

From 1982-1984, following the flooding of my crafts gallery, I became a Computer Sales and Marketing Representative for Tandy Computers. At the time that I left them (as the Computer Department Manager) I was annually earning in excess of $30K.

From 1980-1982, I opened and ran my own crafts gallery (The Master's Guild) in Fairfax, California. It was netting about fifteen thousand dollars per year, it's second year, when it was flooded out of business. I managed the gallery -- and usually one and a half paid clerks -- while doing financial and computer consulting for over thirty-five crafts people (trade references available).

From 1977-1979, I was primarily under contract, as the sales and general business manager for Swadeshi Leather Works of Kentfield, California. My monthly billings were usually about seven hundred dollars per month. It was during this period that I began studying and applying rudimentary business applications for some of the first personal computers. The owner is Wesley Stoft -- phone: 707-923-2766. I resigned my retainer (but still consult with them) since, due to severe rent increases, the business moved to northern California .

From 1975-1977, I was a full-time employee in various capacities (specialized sales, service, parts and as a financial consultant) at Ingram Chevrolet in Huntsville, Texas. I reported directly to the owner, Jim Ingram -- phone: 415-384-0792 . My earnings were approaching three thousand dollars a month when I resigned to move to California.

From 1972-1975, I was employed by Sensormatic Electronics of Texas (part-time) and Texas Instruments (full-time). For Sensormatic, I sold and installed the first of a specialized type of signal transmitting/receiving microwave equipment in the State of Texas. My partners in this enterprise were Dick & Terry St.John and we were based in Houston, Texas -- phone: 713-524-3027. Concurrently, in Dallas, I was trained by Texas Instruments to run several of their first nuclear accelerators to be used in the testing and production of early CMOS integrated circuits.

From 1970-1972, I did private research (at my own expense) into a new area involving microelectronic measurements of The Doppler Effect -- with special considerations directed toward commercial applications.

From 1969-1970, I was one third owner and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MSI Electronics of Houston, Texas. I recruited, trained, and supervised a sales force of about fifteen people. I earned, in salary and bonuses, over forty-eight thousand dollars per year. In dispute over management principals, I sold my interest in this holding company back to the corporation six months before it filed for reorganization under Chapter Eleven and eventual bankruptcy.

From 1965-1969, I was a full-time employee for Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company in the following capacities: recruiting, training, group and business sales, computerized estate and financial management, investment and real estate management, as well as administrative support in Wichita Falls, San Antonio and Houston, Texas. When I left Penn Mutual, to form my own companies, my annual earnings were in the mid $50Ks from salary and investments.

From 1963-1965, I worked full-time as a Communications Consultant for Southwestern Bell and AT&T -- specializing in WATS telecommunications and business systems for medium to large companies based in Wichita Falls, Texas. My last supervisor was Bill Bass. I left AT&T to make more than the six hundred dollars per month that they were paying me in salary.

Prior to 1963, I attended over thirty different public and private schools in the United States and several foreign countries (my father was a career NCO in the US Air Force). During my school years I earned my own spending money with paper routes, service station work and by teaching sailing on Cape Cod Bay.

... and then there is my amazing and wonderful Marina Olivares --

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