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I often assist others who either desire, want or need to flourish -- through the efficient merging of computers with MY expanding interest in Vipassana, politics, a greater utilization of the Internet, more fulfilling communications paths with the financially disadvantaged, the Forex Market, along with HTML and computer programming, marketing/sales, Mac/Unix/Linux, preemptive support, and real estate -- while developing reduced stress levels, better health and more Joy for all involved! 1994 -- 201- Independent Internet/Mac Computer and general purpose Consultant 1992 -- 1994 International Microcomputer Software, Inc. (I.M.S.I.) 1988 -- 1990 Nortex 911 Communications District 1987 -- 1988 ComputerLand of Wichita Falls 1986 -- 1987 Computer Solutions 1985 -- 1986 Counselor Systems, Inc. 1984 -- 1985 The Computer Center 1983 -- 1984 System Star/The Computer Clarity Group


MS Word (dual platform), WordPerfect, Wordstar, AmiPro, MS Office (dual platform), ACT! (dual platform), TeleMagic, PageMaker (dual platform), Photoshop, ClarisWorks, Excel (dual platform), Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro-Pro, Excel/Multiplan (multi-platform), TurboCAD (dual platform), TekniCAD, DBASE, FileMaker Pro (dual platform), Rapidfile, FoxPro (Mac), Wildcat (as Sysop), ProComm Plus, Crosstalk, ZTerm, Safari, Netscape, IE 5.X (dual platform), Medical Manager, (ZENIX w/Report Generator), WebTen, BBEdit, Timbuktu, HTML 4.0, TCP/IP, Telnet, Fetch, Anarchie, some BASIC, wrote and compiled just one C++ program and too many more apps to list ...


Expert with the Macintosh OSs and very capable with printers, plotters, scanners, telecommunications equipment and Ascend Routers. Very fluent in the following operating systems: Mac OS 9.X-10.X, Linux, Unix, XENIX -- including multi-user systems in Novell Networks, as well as vintage DR DOS, C/PM, and TRSDOS.


I.M.S.I. - San Rafael, California; Provided technical support, data base development and management, Macintosh System Administrator, BBS sysop as well as Corporate Educational Coordinator

Nortex 911 Communications District - Wichita Falls, Texas; As the Data Base Manager, was responsible for the design, implementation & management -- through final mass cutover -- of all system administrative and Unix CAD data systems of the emergency dialing service for two counties

ComputerLand - Wichita Falls, Texas; Sold, installed, and provided initial training for Macintosh, IBM and MS-DOS compatible business computer systems and software

Computer Solutions - Austin, Texas; Sold, serviced and maintained a client base of over seventy-five Macintosh users (pri- marily AI and Expert Systems development engineers) for MCC as well as IBM clients

Counselor Systems, Inc. - Austin, Texas; Responsible for customer field installation and "hot line" telephone support to the legal profession utilizing various networking systems in MS-DOS, C/PM, & MMOST to run an assortment of word processing, spreadsheet, data base, accounting and telecommunications software as well as time and billing programs

The Computer Center - Austin, Texas; Performed manual and automated accounting systems evaluation and recommendation for the Macintosh (primarily Motorola 68000 development engineers) and IBM compatibles

System Star/The Computer Clarity Group - Sausalito/Mill Valley, California; Did systems analysis, design and recommendation for System Star while technically editing The Executive's Guide To Portable Computers with Jeff Berner of The Computer Clarity Group for Ballantine Books


Midwestern University (History major) as well as numerous corporate sponsored training programs (Apple, AT&T, Compaq, ComputerLand, IBM, Lotus, Management Solutions Unlimited, Microsoft, Penn Mutual, Tandy Computers, Texas Instruments, and others,) author of the novella, ONE*SEAMLESS*ONE and self-publisher of beast- (World's first BBS based user- interactive, philosophy book, written using an online, personal computer generating a data base, circa 1984.), Time Man Of The Year-2006 *;-}

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